Nutrend World hotel rules and regulations

(valid from 1st of June 2021)


1.  The hotel offers services according to the hotel’s classification.

2.  The type of room is always defined within the binding reservation and the guest is charged with a corresponding price.

3.  The hotel is authorized to accommodate only guests with a valid accommodation reservation and who are properly registered. The guests are obliged to present a valid proof of identity (identity card or a passport), sign a registration card, and provide a prepayment guarantee in cash or with a payment card pre-authorization for a corresponding amount.

4.  If the guest fails to present a valid proof of identity
(identity card, passport), the hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate the guest based on the Act on Local Fees for Czech citizens and Act 314/2018 Coll. for foreign clients.

5.  The hotel is obliged to check the guest in between 2PM and 10PM local time based on the confirmed reservation. If not stated otherwise in the reservation, the room is reserved for the guest during this time. Early check-in before 2PM must be negotiated in advance during the reservation and must be confirmed by the hotel together with any potential extra fee for this service.

6.  The hotel is not obliged to accommodate guests without a confirmed reservation or guests who arrive later than 10PM local time.

7.   If it is not possible to extend the guest’s stay in the same room into which the guest was accommodated upon arrival, the hotel has the right to offer a different room.


Liability of the Hotel for the Belongings of the Accommodated Guests

8.  The hotel is liable only for those belongings that were handed over to the hotel employees for safekeeping. The hotel is not liable for any other unattended or forgotten belongings of the guests. Personal safes are built-in the rooms. Please note the hotel is not liable for the belongings kept in the in-room safe or in any other personal safe. Instructions for use are stored inside the safe.

9.  Guest’s right for compensation must be applied at the hotel without undue delay, however no later than 15 days after the day when the injured party became aware of the damage.

10.  Since the parking on the premises is not monitored, the hotel is not liable for any damage caused on the motor vehicle or any other vehicle of the accommodated guest in the parking lot in front of the hotel.


General Accommodation Rules

11.  There are areas intended for reception of visitors. Visitors may be received in the accommodation area only from 8AM to 10PM with the receptionist’s consent. Only accommodated guests may enter the accommodation area outside these hours.

12.  In case of sickness or injury, the hotel will provide medical care. The transportation and treatment fee are to be paid by the guest unless the hotel is liable for the sickness or injury of the guest. It is mandatory to report these incidents immediately at the hotel reception.

13.  Smoking is not allowed in all areas of the hotel. Smoking is also not allowed on the summer terrace in front of the hotel and on the terraces of the SUNSET rooms. In case of violation of this rule you will be charged with a contractual fine 2500 CZK (100 EUR).The guests are not allowed to move with any furniture or equipment and execute any changes in the electrical network and other equipment in the rooms or in the common hotel areas. For safety reasons, guests may use only such electronic devices that serve their personal hygiene (hairdryer, electric razors, massage devices, etc.) and laptops, tablets, and similar small electronic gadgets.

14.  Guests are allowed to use free Internet connection via the Wi-Fi in all hotel areas.

15.  Dogs and cats may be accommodated assuming the owners agree with and follow the hotel rules. Other pets than dogs and cats are not allowed. The hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate a guest with a dog of an excessive size. Dogs and cats must not be left unattended in the rooms or in any other hotel areas. Dogs and cats must not use the furniture in the rooms or in any other hotel areas. An extra fee for a dog or cat is 550 CZK (21€) according to the valid tariffs.

16.  Parking of vehicles is possible on the premises of the hotel. The hotel is not liable for a vehicle theft or for the belongings placed in the vehicle.

17.  Guests are obliged to respect the Night Noise Guidelines from 10PM to 7AM.

18.  In case of violation of the Night Noise Guidelines, the hotel has the right to check the guest out.

19.  If the accommodated guest is intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and does not guarantee to abide by the Hotel Rules and Regulations, he or she may be denied an entry to the hotel. Recurrence of this situation may be a reason to check this guest out.

20.  In exceptional cases, the hotel is entitled to offer a different type of accommodation to the original one that was reserved. This accommodation may not differ significantly from the one that was originally confirmed by the hotel.

21.  It is not allowed to consume other foodstuffs than the ones purchased on the premises in the area of the hotel reception and in the restaurant.

22.  In case the guest is interested in arriving by helicopter or any other non-standard vehicle, he is obliged to inform the hotel no later than 2 days before arrival. The guest bears responsibility for any damage caused by the arrival, departure, landing, and take-off.

23.  The price list of the hotel services is available at the hotel reception and at the hotel website.

24.  It is mandatory to read the Hotel Rules and Regulations and follow the given provisions. In case of violation of these rules, the hotel has the right to terminate the guest’s stay before the original date of departure.

25.  If the guest has any justified remarks or complaints, he is welcome to address the hotel employees who will do their best to fulfil the guest’s requirements.


Safety, Guest’s Liability for Damages

26.  It is forbidden to carry and keep weapons in all areas of the hotel.

27.  For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age must not be left alone in hotel rooms or any other hotel areas without an adult. The legal representative bears responsibility for any damage caused by children.

28.  The guests bear responsibility for any damage caused to the hotel property and to the hotel room equipment.

29.  The guest is obliged to cover any damage he caused unless he proves not to have caused it. This claim is applicable to any damage that is found out after the guest’s departure. Any damage must be reported immediately at the hotel reception.

30.  Any damages to health that took place in any area of the hotel must be immediately reported at the hotel reception.

31.  All damages to health will be reported in writing.


Departure from the Hotel

32.  The guest may use the hotel during the agreed time period. Unless agreed and confirmed otherwise in advance, the guest must check out not later than at 10.30 AM on the day of departure and must free the room. If he/she does not, the hotel has the right to charge for an extra day of accommodation or for its part.

33.  If the guest leaves his personal belongings in the hotel room after the check-out (10.30 AM) on the day of departure and he does not react to the notice of moving out, the hotel is allowed to vacant the hotel room and to withhold the things in the hotel.

34.  The guests must close the water taps and windows upon leaving the room. The guests must return the hotel card and the minibar card upon check-out.

35.  The guests cover the accommodation cost at the end of their stay according to the valid tariffs. In case of a long-term stay, the guest is obliged to cover his bill at least once per week. Each guest is obliged to check out accordingly and cover his or her bill before the departure from the hotel.

36.  The guests are obliged to cover consumed drinks and refreshments from the minibar.

37.  Loss of the hotel card must be immediately reported by the guest at the hotel reception. Failing to report the hotel card loss results in a liability for the related damage. The charge for a hotel card loss is 1000 CZK. This fee must be covered by the guest before departure from the hotel.


Wellness & Spa

38.  The guest is obliged to sign an informed consent about his/her health condition before undergoing a massage.

39.  The guest cannot undergo a massage without signing the informed consent.

40.  Each guest enters the wellness area at his/her own risk.

41.  The guest claims to be aware of his health condition before entering the wellness area.

42.  The guest claims not to suffer from any skin or communicable disease before entering the wellness area.

43.  The Finnish sauna is recommended only to healthy individuals. Individuals who suffer from vascular or heart diseases may use the sauna only after a professional consultation with a specialist.

44.  Children under 15 years of age may enter the sauna only with an adult above 18 years of age.

45.  The wellness provider is not liable for potential injuries of the guests.

46.  The guest is liable for any damage on the property of the wellness provider caused by intentional or negligent conduct and he is obliged to cover the price of the damages.

Complaints Policy

of the hotel Nutrend World, located in Chválkovice 604, Olomouc 779 00, Company Identification Number (IČO): 607 93 678 („Nutrend World“).


1. Subject

1.1.  This Complaints Policy governs in accordance with the valid legislation, particularly Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (“Civil Code”), and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended, (“Consumer Protection Act”) the extent, conditions, and methods of exercising the customer’s rights arising from defective performance based on the Nutrend World’s liability for accommodation failings, provided individual services, and sold goods and their handling (“Complaint”). The Complaints Policy is also available on the website of Nutrend World –


2. Warranty Claim Guidelines

2.1.  In case of providing defective services or in case of services that were verifiably reserved and confirmed but not provided, the customer has the right to make a Complaint. The customer exercises his/her rights arising from the defective performance in Nutrend World (the provider) where the claimed services or goods were purchased.

2.2.  The customer is obliged to report the defect immediately, without undue delay, and if possible, at the same place where the service is provided. If the customer fails to report the defect without undue delay, the complaint will not be accepted. Immediate report of the defect (the Complaint) at the same place allows eliminating the defect urgently, whereas any time lag complicates the assessment of the evidence and objectivity and thus the possibility of a proper complaint handling.

2.3.  If the rights arising from the liability of damage are not exercised within 24 months (for goods), within 24 hours from the day of the provision of the service – wellness procedures (massages, etc.), and within 6 months for other services, they expire. Foodstuff may only be claimed before the consumption. The guest must always prove that the subject of the complaint is related to a specific defective performance of the provider.

2.4.  The Complaint must be made verbally at the provider’s site in Chválkovice 604, in writing to the address Nutrend World, a.s., Chválkovice 604, Olomouc 779 00, The Czech Republic or via an e-mail address .

2.5.  When making the Complaint, the customer is obliged to state his/her first name, last name, permanent residence, the content of the Complaint, to justify his Complaint, and if possible, to provide factual evidence. Concurrently, it is recommended to provide a receipt of the provided services, copy of the order, invoice, payment confirmation, etc. in order to facilitate the Complaint handling. In case of claiming purchased goods, this good must be presented upon the Complaint.

2.6.  The Complaint may be made using any method, stating the date, subject of the Complaint and the required method of handling the Complaint. In case of reporting the Complaint verbally, the authorized hotel employee is obliged to file the Complaint Report with the customer in writing, potentially issue a written confirmation of receiving the Complaint. The protocol must contain customer’s personal details, the date of the Complaint, the content of the Complaint, the method of the handling suggested by the customer, and the date. The protocol must be signed by the authorized hotel employee and by the customer who confirms the content of protocol with his/her signature.

2.7.  If the customer hands over to Nutrend World written documents or any other documentation, potentially the claimed goods, it must be expressly stated in the protocol.

2.8.  The customer loses his right to a price discount, if he reports his Complaint after a partial or a complete use of the service.


3. Complaint Handling

3.1.  Nutrend World is obliged to issue a written confirmation stating the date of the Complaint, the content of the Complaint, the method of handling suggested by the customer, and the date and the method of handling the Complaint, and provide it to the customer. In case of claimed goods, the confirmation must contain a confirmation of the repair and its duration, potentially a written justification of a Complaint refusal.

3.2.  If the customer exercises his right from a defective performance related to services that are being provided or that had already been provided, the manager of the given department or another authorized employee is obliged to examine the factual and legal circumstances and to decide about the Complaint immediately, in complicated situations within three working days. This time frame does not include the necessary time for a professional assessment of the defect. The Complaint must be handled without undue delay, the latest within 30 days from the day of making the Complaint by the customer, unless the time frame is not extended after an agreement with the customer.

3.3.  In case of making the Complaint in writing, the content is governed by the paragraph 3.1 of the Complaints Policy.


4. Cooperation of the Customer during the Complaint Handling

4.1.  The customer is obliged to provide necessary cooperation to handle the Complaint, mainly to provide all information, present documents proving the factual circumstances, present the claimed goods, specify his/her requirements, etc. If the nature of the matter requires it, the customer must allow the authorized employee to enter the area that was provided to the customer for accommodation in order to check the legitimacy of the Complaint.


5. Methods of Complaint Handling

5.1.  In case the Complaint is found to be fully or partially reasonable, the Complaint Handling will consist of a free of charge elimination of the defect of the given service or of the given claimed goods. If the case allows it, a substitute service or a goods replacement will be provided. The customer has the right to an adequate discount from the price depending on the range and duration of the defect. This does not alter the customer’s right to demand a withdrawal from the contract in cases stipulated by the Law.

5.2.  If the Complaint is assessed to be unreasonable, the customer must be informed in writing about the reasons of the Complaint refusal.

5.3.  If the defect is not possible to be eliminated or replaced with a substitute performance, the guest has the right to an adequate discount from the price of the provided performance, potentially to a refund of the payment for the services.

5.4.  If the Complaint is related to technical issues in the guest’s hotel room that are not possible to be eliminated within a regular time frame, the Complaint will be handled by providing another hotel room to the guest.

5.5.  If it is found during the Complaint Handling that the contractually agreed or otherwise required service had been provided within the arranged range, quality, amount, or standard or that it had been refused to be provided by an authorized employee based on reasonable doubts about the guest’s health, especially if the required service is not suitable for the guest from a health point of view and about which the guest had been warned by the employee, the Complaint will be assessed an unreasonable and handled further according to paragraph 5.2 of this article.

5.6.  In case of circumstances whose origin, progress, or potential aftermaths are not dependent on the will of Nutrend World, or in case of circumstances on the side of the customer that do not allow the customer to fully or partially use the reserved and paid services, the customer does not have the right to a refund or a discount from the price.


6. Other Provisions

6.1.  Other provisions are governed by generally binding legislation, mainly Civil Code and Customer Protection Act.

6.2.  In accordance with the provision § 14 of the Law no. 634/1992 Coll., Customer Protection Act, as amended, the customer has the right to handle potential disputes arising from contracts with the hotel through the entity for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, located in Štěpánská 567/15, Prague 2, postal code 120 00, website


7. Final Provisions

7.1.  This Complaints Policy comes into effect on 1st of April 2019.

7.2.  This Complaints Policy shall be posted on the website of Nutrend World –

7.3.  The Czech language version of the Nutrend World Hotel Rules and Regulations and of the Complaints Policy shall be controlling in all respects and shall prevail in case of any inconsistencies with any translated version.