Svatý Kopeček hill

Svatý Kopeček hill, located just a few kilometres from our hotel, is a very popular tourist destination. Its unique Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary was visited by Pope John Paul II, who promoted it to a minor basilica, making it a major place of pilgrimage. The basilica is situated on the premises of the Premonstratensian provostry that also operates a nearby hospice. The entire complex has been declared a Czech national cultural monument. The road to the basilica is bordered by a pilgrimage avenue of trees, ending in a spot that offers magnificent views of the basilica as well as the Olomouc skyline. Svatý Kopeček hill is also a starting point of nature trails that will show you the surrounding countryside.

The centre of Olomouc

The centre of Olomouc is rich in historical and architectural monuments. The main square is dominated by the Holy Trinity Column, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another unmistakable sight is the Town Hall, built in the 14th century with a 75-metre tower accessible to tourists. The former Přemyslid Palace, a national cultural monument, is the site where King Wenceslas III was assassinated in 1306. The most prominent Olomouc church, Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, stands nearby. The neighbouring Archdiocesan Museum is also worth a visit. Closely related to the museum is the Archbishop’s Palace, the seat of Olomouc archbishops and the place where Pope John Paul II stayed during his visit.

Explore Olomouc

Nature lovers will appreciate a walk in one of Olomouc’s many parks. The Flora Olomouc Exhibition Centre regularly hosts fifteen exhibitions and fairs, based on traditional flower shows, expositions of ornamental trees, crops, fruit and vegetables. The exhibition area with four pavilions with a total exhibition area of 4,395 m² is situated in the Smetana Gardens near the historical centre of the town. Also worth a visit is the Olomouc Rosarium, the second largest rose garden in the country, which covers an area of 3.5 hectares and is part of the botanical garden on the eastern side of the Crown Fortress in Bezručovy Sady. From the botanical garden with the rosarium it is only a short walk to the Fortress of Knowledge. The historic building was transformed in 2015 into an interactive science museum for all ages. Once you open the gates of the Fortress of Knowledge, four rich exhibitions and, above all, action-packed animators await you. In historical uniforms, they will guide you through the colourful history of Olomouc, reveal all the wonders of 3D printing or transport you directly into space with the digital planetarium.If you want to experience an unconventional ride through the city, you should definitely try the OLOŠLAP or the sightseeing cruises on the Morava River.

Olomouc Zoo

A short walk from the Basilica on Svatý Kopeček leads to the nearby ZOO, which was opened in 1956. It boasts very rare animal species and interesting exhibitions. Visitors have the opportunity to visit six pavilions, the most popular of which are the giraffe pavilion and the beast pavilion. The marine aquariums with sharks, the kangaroo enclosure and the joint enclosure of the Berber bears and the Arctic wolves are also worth seeing. An interesting feature of the zoo is the bat pavilion, where rare golden fruit bats fly right past you. At the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the local lookout tower or your children can have fun in the rope centre. Another popular children’s attraction is the opportunity to feed the goats and sheep right in their enclosure. The zoo is easily accessible by public transport, bus 11.

Sports activities

In Olomouc and its surroundings, sports enthusiasts will find something to do in all seasons. When the weather is nice, you can take advantage of the abundant in-line trails, two of which start right here in Chválkovice and with a length of 2.5 km are among the longest in Olomouc. Both of these trails can also be used by cyclists.

The PROUD Rope Centre offers the opportunity to experience a bit of adrenaline. There is a Game Zone with attractions on the ground and High Rope Obstacles with a Big Adrenaline Swing. All attractions can be used with pleasure by both children and adults. In Olomouc there is also the largest miniature golf complex in Moravia, where you can play, have fun and compare your miniature golf skills with your family, friends or colleagues.

In summer, it is ideal to visit the nearby Aquapark Olomouc with the whole family. This exceptional project offers visitors interesting adrenaline water attractions and relaxation zones within one complex operation consisting of an indoor pool hall and an outdoor area with grassy recreational areas.