Self-service, Open kitchen
Confectionery, own bakery
Home-made pasta products
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We should emphasise here

that we are a team of professionals who prepare each meal from the best and freshest ingredients, preferably in bio-quality, that we honour tradition, but also have a vision for future trends, and that we continuously are developing ourselves and our trade. But this is hardly worth mentioning, for this is second nature to us.

What we really want

to point out is the amount of commitment and care we put into the preparation of each meal, how we look forward to watching you enjoy them, and that we’ll be glad to welcome you back in our restaurant. Everything you eat is hand-made – we make our own pasta, bake our own bread, and use herbs we grow here. The self-service and open-kitchen concept offers a wealth of variants.

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Scrambled Eggs                              CZK 79
3 eggs, chives, rolls or bread
Three Boiled Eggs                         CZK 89
3 eggs, butter, Parmesan,
chives, rolls or bread

Ham and Eggs                                CZK 89
3 eggs, bacon or ham, chives,
rolls or bread

French Omelette                            CZK 109
3 eggs, ham, bacon,
red pepper,
onion, Parmesan, rolls or bread

Eggs Benedict                                 CZK 169
ham, 2 eggs (poached),
Hollandaise sauce, pancake
Deli Platter                                        CZK 119
50 g ham, 50 g salami, 50 g sliced cheese,
butter, vegetable mix, rolls or bread

English Breakfast                                 CZK 239
1 sausage (grilled), 2 eggs, beans,
rolls or bread,
grilled vegetables,
bacon, butter, marmalade

Nutrend Protein Waffles                      CZK 89
yoghurt, fruits, cinnamon,
maple syrup

Nutrend Protein Porridge
with Fruits                                               
CZK 69
Yoghurt                                                       CZK 89
fruits, mixed nuts, cereals on offer,
maple syrup

Vienna Sausages                                      CZK 69
2 pcs, rolls or bread
Hotel „buffet“ breakfast                       CZK 250
according to the current offer 

For all breakfasts you can also order poured juice, water Nartes, tea and coffee
for 69 CZK.

Menu ála carte


60 g Freshly cut Prosciutto di Parma                CZK 79

Pastrami                                                                     CZK 159
horseradish with vinegar, fresh bread

Pumpkin variation with gingerbread               CZK 149
marinated pumpkin, pumpkin purée,

Game pâté                                                                 CZK 159
with marmalade and cranberries,
fresh bread


As offered daily in the salad bar                           35 CZK


Caesar Salad                                            189 CZK / 319 CZK
with garlic-flavoured croutons,
Parmigiano cheese
/ grilled chicken breast, 5 prawns

Waldorf salad                                                            CZK 259
with chicken, apple, celery, walnuts, yogurt

You can also mix your own salad
in the salad bar,
price for one helping               79 CZK

Pasta & risotto

Strozzapreti con pesto di noci                             CZK 169
walnuts, cranberries, Parmigiano cheese, garlic

Mezze maniche with boar ragù                          CZK 249
boar, red wine, vegetables, tomatoes

Spaghetti Carbonara                                               CZK 189
guanciale, egg yolk, Parmigiano cheese

Pumpkin risotto                                                        CZK 189
pumpkin, pumpkin seeds

Mushroom risotto                                                     CZK 189
mushroom ragù, herbs

Gnocchi pomodoro                                                   CZK 169
onion, tomatoes, basil, Parmigiano cheese

Parmigiano cheese                                                     CZK 39

Children’s dishes

Chicken bits                                                                CZK 149
vegetables, potato purée

Pasta pomodoro                                                         CZK 119
with cherry tomatoes

Main Courses

200 g Coq au vin                                                       CZK 269
parsnip purée, vegetable chips

150 g Venison medallions                                       CZK 369
rosemary demi-glace, truffle purée,
pistachio sponge

200 g Beef tenderloin                                              CZK 459
boletus sauce, fried potato gnocchi

250 g Duroc pork chop                                            CZK 299
cider sauce, rösti

150 g Grilled pikeperch                                            CZK 289
with caraway, barley risotto

150 g Grilled squid                                                     CZK 359
potato salad, dried tomatoes, olives



200 g Grilled chicken breast                                CZK 199
200 g Beef tenderloin                                              CZK 399
300 g Matured beef sirloin                                     CZK 369
200 g Grilled ostrich steak                                      CZK 329


Green pepper sauce                                                  CZK 45
Boletus sauce                                                              CZK 45
Rosemary demi-glace                                               CZK 45
Cider sauce                                                                   CZK 45

Side Dishes

Potato purée                                                                CZK 45
Roast Grenaille potatoes                                          CZK 45
Grilled vegetables                                                       CZK 45
French beans with bacon                                         CZK 45
Stewed rice                                                                CZK 45
Fried potato rösti                                                         CZK 45


Warm pear tarte Tatin                                            CZK 109
with cinnamon ice-cream

Our ice-cream or sorbet                                            CZK 89
helping of 3 pieces

Chocolate fondant                                                     CZK 129
fruits, egg liqueur, ice-cream