Self-service, Open kitchen
Confectionery, own bakery
Home-made pasta products
Breakfast, brunch
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We should emphasise here

that we are a team of professionals who prepare each meal from the best and freshest ingredients, preferably in bio-quality, that we honour tradition, but also have a vision for future trends, and that we continuously are developing ourselves and our trade. But this is hardly worth mentioning, for this is second nature to us.

What we really want

to point out is the amount of commitment and care we put into the preparation of each meal, how we look forward to watching you enjoy them, and that we’ll be glad to welcome you back in our restaurant. Everything you eat is hand-made – we make our own pasta, bake our own bread, and use herbs we grow here. The self-service and open-kitchen concept offers a wealth of variants.

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Breakfast menu           Menu à la carte           Drink menu             Alcohol drink menu


Eggs Benedict with
marinated salmon                             
 179 CZK
hollandaise sauce, muffin, dill, eggs
Club sandwich with chicken             159 CZK
mayonnaise, poached egg,
tomatoes, leaf mix
Sourdough bread with avocado
and poached egg
                                129 CZK
pomegranate, microgreens
Sourdough bread with
beetroot spread                                 
129 CZK
grilled halloumi cheese,
microgreens, sour cream
Pancakes with maple syrup             129 CZK
pancakes 3 pcs, sour cream,
fresh fruit

Mango sticky rice                                 149 CZK
coconut, mango puree, nut granola
Scrambled Eggs                                     79 CZK
3 eggs, chives, rolls or bread
Three Boiled Eggs                               89 CZK
3 eggs, butter, Parmesan,
chives, rolls or bread
Ham and Eggs                                     89 CZK
3 eggs, bacon or ham, chives,
rolls or bread
French Omelette                                 109 CZK
3 eggs, ham, bacon,
mushrooms, red pepper,
onion, Parmesan, rolls or bread
Hotel „buffet“ breakfast                   299 CZK
according to the current offer 

Breakfast is served from 07.00 to 10.00.
The last order is accepted at 9.45.

Menu à la carte


80 g Duck Pâté, cranberry dust       255 CZK
bread, bacon chips, cranberries, microgreens
80 g Beef Tenderloin Tartare            275 CZK
garlic, ketchup, shallot, egg yolk,
Worcester sauce, crispy bread
80 g Grilled Foie Gras                          315 CZK
smoked dried plum, red wine sauce
with chocolate, brioche
100 g Baked Beetroot Carpaccio     235 CZK
fried goat cheese, raspberry foam
80 g Roast Beef                                   265 CZK
chickpea salad, miso mayo, microgreens


180 g Fried Cheese Croquettes       305 CZK
fondant potatoes, almond crumble,
capers, gribiche, mixed greens
250 g Chickpea Curry with
sweet potatoes  
                                285 CZK
jasmine rice, marinated courgette,
coriander, coconut milk, chilli, lime

Pasta & risotto

Spaghetti alla Gricia                           275 CZK
pepper, Guanciale, pecorino, arugula
Risotto alla Zucca                               285 CZK
roasted pumpkin seeds, microgreens,
baked pumpkin
Mezze con Polpo                                345 CZK
baby octopuses, calamari, wine,
cherry tomatoes
Gnocchi Salsiccia e Funghi              315 CZK
salsiccia ragu, shitake, green pea, cream
Lasagne alla Bolognese                   305 CZK
beef ragu, crushed tomatoes, wine,
vegetables, bechamel, parmesan

Main dishes

200 g Pulled Beef Burger                 465 CZK
jalapeños, smoked mayo, grilled shallot,
cucumber tomato salsa, steak fries
200 g Mouflon with wine                   415 CZK
deep-fried celeriac, roasted mushrooms,
root vegetables, baked potato purée
200 g Grilled Venison Backstrap     545 CZK
herbs, demi-glace, mashed potatoes,
puffed buckwheat, mushroom ragu
200 g Sous Vide Duck Breast          445 CZK
roasted potato gnocchi, jus, dried apples,
red cabbage purée
200 g Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin   445 CZK
fried potatoes, garlic confit, white wine,
cream, rosemary oil, bacon, herb sauce
200 g Chicken Supreme                   405 CZK
confit grenaille, sour cream, parsley,
plum sauce, walnuts
150 g Grilled Tuna Steak                   445 CZK
grenaille, spinach, soy sauce, ginger,
avocado, lime, coriander
150 g Grilled Pike Perch Fillet          415 CZK
groat ragu, raisins, lobster bisque
350 g Grilled Calamari Tentacles    485 CZK
bean purée, onion, tomatoes, garlic, butter
200 g Marinated Pork Ribs
with pumpkin purée                          395 CZK

breadcrumbs with orange and chilli,
maple syrup, parsley, smoked paprika


Mushroom sauce                                    69 CZK
Demi-glace                                              69 CZK
Peppercorn sauce                                  69 CZK
Red wine sauce with chocolate          69 CZK

       Salad  /  Poke bowl

Salad with Marinated Beetroot         335 CZK
grilled goat cheese, herb croutons, vinegar
Teriyaki Salmon Poké                          345 CZK
sushi rice, iceberg lettuce, edamame, ginger,
sesame, spring onion, carrot, fried onion
300 g Fresh vegetable bowl               125 CZK


200 g Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin     315 CZK
200 g Aged Beef Tenderloin             565 CZK
200 g Aged Striploin                          495 CZK
200 g Sous Vide Chicken Supreme 285 CZK


Spiced roasted potatoes                    69 CZK
Grilled vegetables                                69 CZK
Grilled mushrooms                              69 CZK
Fries                                                         89 CZK
Baked grenaille                                     69 CZK


Chocolate Fondant                              189 CZK
baked apples and cinnamon
Our ice cream or sorbet                       35 CZK
Daily Desserts


Beef consommé with oxtail               89 CZK
cognac, baked vegetables, fregola
Soup of the day                                     99 CZK